The San Fernando Valley Arts Council (SFVAC) seeks to improve the community’s quality of life through the encouragement and appreciation of the arts and culture. SFVAC strives to make the arts readily available to residents of all economic, racial, and educational backgrounds. It is our goal to reach out to all areas of the Valley, especially those areas that have been the most underserved. To accomplish our goals, we:

  • Advocate and support art and culture education for both children and adults
  • Showcase and publicize art and cultural events across the San Fernando Valley
  • Work with the individual Valley communities to identify and fulfill their artist needs.

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The San Fernando Valley Arts Council (SFVAC) was founded in 1966 by the Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department. It was created as the umbrella organization for all Valley based music, visual and performing arts organizations. The SFVAC received its private, non-profit 501(c)3 status in 1972.By providing programs for youth, seniors and the disabled, the SFVAC has reached out to serve the community in helping each of these groups realize the importance of arts and art appreciation. We have provided scholarships for young artists, and financial assistance to performing arts programs. The SFVAC has acted as fiscal receiver for emerging arts organizations such as the Arts for Education Aid Council, Valley Cultural Center and the Friends of the Madrid Theatre. We also partnered with the California Institute of the Arts and the L.A. Cultural Affairs Department in running the Encino Media Center from 1996-1999.SFVAC has donated art supplies and music equipment to local schools and supported art exhibits and events throughout the San Fernando Valley. For years the SFVAC produced the Valley Artists Studio Tour, a self-guided tour of artists’ personal studios around the Valley. Artists from all over the Valley participated in this yearly event.

In 2010 SFVAC combined forces with The Museum of the San Fernando and the Public Arts Initiative showing support of the Valley’s own history, culture and art.